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Rivian recalls 12,212 EVs due to potentially loose suspension

Rivian's electric truck is aimed at the adventure lifestyle.
Enlarge / Rivian’s electric truck is aimed at the adventure lifestyle.

Jonathan Gitlin

On Friday, Rivian issued a recall for more than 12,000 electric vehicles due to potentially loose suspension components. The problem affects model year 2022 Rivian R1T trucks, R1S SUVs, and some Rivian EDV delivery vans—a total of 12,212 EVs in all.

In mid-August, Rivian discovered that an upper control arm had separated from the steering knuckle on one of its vehicles. The company began an investigation and by the end of September had identified six reports “potentially related to this issue that had accumulated” over the course of production.

According to Rivian’s safety recall report, its production records can’t confirm that the two suspension components have been properly torqued on every vehicle. That could throw out the wheel’s alignment or potentially even separate the joint.

Consequently, Rivian will inspect all the potentially affected vehicles, properly torquing any that aren’t within spec. Rivian owners can expect to be notified “on or before November 24.”

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