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Electrify America is raising its prices in March

A ford F-150 lightning charges at an EA station

Electrify America

Road-tripping in an electric vehicle might be slightly more expensive this year. On Thursday morning, Electrify America informed its user base that starting on March 6, the company will raise its prices.

“We’ve tried hard to maintain our current pricing, but rising operational and energy costs have now made adjusting our pricing necessary,” the company wrote in an email to customers. “We shall continue to maintain simple, uniform pricing across the country, and this adjustment ensures we can uphold our commitment to drive electric vehicle (EV) adoption and the future of electric mobility.”

Currently, guests (i.e., people without an Electrify America account) and Pass members pay $0.43 per kWh in states that allow billing by unit of energy. That’s increasing by 11.6 percent to $0.48 per kWh starting next month.

Electrify America members who subscribe to the Pass+ level—which costs $4 per month—will see their cost per kWh increase by 16 percent, from $0.31 to $0.36 per kWh.

Consequently, charging the 66 kWh battery pack in a Chevrolet Bolt from 10 to 80 percent will cost $22.18 for regular Electrify America members or $16.63 for Pass+ members, based on adding 46.2 kWh to the battery pack.

In states where Electrify America has to bill by the minute, Pass members and guests charging 1–90 kW will pay $0.19 per minute, a 19 percent increase over the current $0.16 per minute. For more powerful charging sessions up to 350 kW, costs have increased by almost 16 percent, from $0.32 to $0.36 per minute.

Meanwhile, Pass+ members in per-minute states will see prices rise 20 percent, from $0.12 per minute to $0.15 per minute for charges up to 90 kW, and almost 21 percent, from $0.24 to $0.29, for charges up to 350 kW.

As a result, a 30-minute fast charge at 90 kW or less should cost $5.70 for regular members or $4.50 for Pass+ members and $10.80 for regular members or $8.70 for Pass+ members for charges up to 350 kW.

Earlier this week, Electrify America announced that it’s installing 1,000 fast chargers at 200 TravelCenters of America locations over the next five years.

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