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Best Buy offers free shipping for all members, but cuts Totaltech benefits

A Best Buy storefront.

Best Buy

Big changes are afoot in electronics seller Best Buy’s member and customer loyalty program as the company aims to generate more revenue and compete with Amazon, Best Buy announced via emails to customers this week.

First, the good news: Members of Best Buy’s My Best Buy program will get free shipping on orders from the company’s online store, this time without a minimum purchase price.

That’s it for the good news, though. As for the bad: People who have paid for the (sort of) Amazon Prime-like premium Totaltech service may be irritated to learn that one of the previously promised benefits of the program—free same-day delivery—has been axed. Instead, Totaltech members will get free two-day shipping.

That’s not the only downgrade, either. Best Buy’s rewards system, where customers earn points from purchases, will become exclusive to holders of the My Best Buy Credit Card. It was previously available to Totaltech members and My Best Buy ones. Now neither can get it without the credit card.

Other Totaltech benefits, like 24/7 tech support, longer return windows, special pricing, and exclusive access to some hard-to-find items like PlayStation 5 consoles, will continue.

The changes to Totaltech take effect on February 14. Customers who don’t have or want the company’s credit card will receive “a certificate for points remaining in your account within 60 days following the program change on February 14.” The new free shipping benefit for My Best Buy members takes effect immediately.

All told, free shipping is a welcome new benefit for non-paid members, but Totaltech members who pay $199.99 per year are likely to be frustrated about the removal of the same-day shipping benefit. Few customers will be thrilled that Best Buy is upselling them on a credit card for a rewards system they previously had access to.

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