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Apple’s self-service repairs expand to desktops like iMac, Mac Studio

Apple's Mac Studio desktop.
Enlarge / Apple’s Mac Studio desktop.

Andrew Cunningham

Apple’s Self Service Repair program continues to roll out in new regions and to new products. Earlier this month, the program expanded from the United States to eight European countries. Now, US customers are gaining access to manuals and parts for new devices: Mac desktops.

As reported first by Six Colors, the program has now been extended to cover the Mac Studio, M1 Mac mini, M1 iMac, and the Studio Display.

Up until now, it only covered the M1 MacBook Air, M1 MacBook Pro, the iPhone SE, and iPhone 12 and 13 models. This expansion only applies in the US, though; the previously mentioned European countries will have to wait to gain coverage of these additional devices, it seems.

Self Service Repair first launched in the United States in April, with an initial focus on the iPhone. It is one of Apple’s answers to critics and regulators calling for the company to loosen restrictions on who can make authorized repairs to its devices.

iPhone or Mac owners can go to Apple’s website to buy or rent repair kits, including parts and manuals, to perform repairs themselves rather than take their devices to the Apple Store or a repair shop.

That said, it is notoriously nontrivial to open up and work on an iPhone or a MacBook, even with the provided tools and instructions. Many users will be comfortable with it, but many others will still be better off taking their phones or laptops to a professional technician.

Apple offers a service called AppleCare+ that essentially makes most of those repairs for free, but device owners who haven’t paid for that service can still pay for repairs. Beyond Apple Stores, there is a network of Apple-certified repair shops. It’s possible to get devices repaired at non-certified shops, too, but Apple discourages it for various reasons—something that has been a lightning rod of debate among industry professionals and tech enthusiasts for years.

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